Battlefield Earth

United States (2000), 🕒 118 min

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Did you know

John Travolta initially offered the director’s seat to Quentin Tarantino, who declined. Travolta referred to this film as “like Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) but better” and “the Schindler’s List (1993) of science-fiction films” during publicity.

Did you know

The film’s cinematographer has gone on record as saying that he was given the smallest lighting budget he had ever worked with. Forest Whitaker expressed his regret for participating in this movie. Barry Pepper said that had he known he was going to win Worst Supporting Actor at the Razzies, he would have shown up to accept his award in person.

Did you know

J.D. Shapiro, the first screenwriter, openly apologized for this film, and even personally received the film’s Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Movie of the Decade, 2000-09. He admitted that he got involved at first because he read that the Scientology centre was “a great place to pick up women”, and it snowballed from there.

It’s the year 3000 A.D.; the Earth is lost to the alien race of Psychlos. Humanity is enslaved by these gold-thirsty tyrants, whom are unaware that their ‘man-animals’ are about to ignite the rebellion of a lifetime.

Roger Christian


John Travolta


Forest Whitaker


Barry Pepper

Jonnie Goodboy Tyler


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Top 5 Something


Top 5 Something


Top 5 Something


One of my favourite movies, top 5. Jennifer Lawrence

Oscar winning "Actress"

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LET'S PLAY A GAME, take a shot or smoke a joint (or BOTH) whenever:

– the scene changes via the magic of PowerPoint slide animation!
– the stress of being a government cog really gets to Terl — and he throws a hissy fit
– someone (human or horse) gets hit with something (e.g., lazer) in the back
– you hear the words “man-animal” or “rat-brain.”
– you notice John Travolta’s six-fingered hairy claw
– a Psychlo threatens someone with vaporization
– a man-animal receives some Psychlo education
– someone (OK, John Travolta) grabs a person by the throat


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