Da Ali G Show

United Kingdom (2000 – 2004), 🕒 30 min
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Did you know

The first version of the show to feature the “Bruno” character. The original UK series only had Ali G and Borat.

Did you know

In the second season of the second incarnation of the show, Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg came along for a ride through Ali G’s safe sex education, Borat’s conversation with an Oklahoma congressional candidate, and Brüno’s fashionable chat with Leon Hall.

Did you know

THE SIMPSONS PARODIED ITS OPENING. The bold opening titles designed by Garth Jennings start with a naked Ali G whose clothes fly toward him in an exaggerated, stop-motion style. In “Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair),” Homer gets dressed a la Ali G.
 Part sketch comedy, part hidden camera prank show, Da Ali G Show merged satire with real life and introduced us to Borat and Bruno.


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Sacha Baron Cohen

Creator & Actor

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Common Ali G Phrases:

well done: big up
please to meet you: big up to you
listen to me: hear me now
isn’t it: innit
that’s right: innit
what’s up: whaddup
i heard: me crew told me
i hear: word on da street
that’s correct: innit
i’m from: me turf is
what’s up?: wussup?
good looking: fit
a smoke: a bit of erbal remedy
i’m going home: me is heading west side
shut up: chill
the hood: staines
what are you talking about?: wot is yous bangin on about?
i don’t know: me don’t have a clue
night club: cukabilly
first class: the most bestest


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