How High

United States (2001), ūüēí 93 min
Coming up with original ways to describe multiple works within one same month/week/issue can be hard. On top of that, reviews need to be¬†interesting¬†in addition to informative. Test 1,2,3…

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Did you know

In creating the sound for the mystical pot plant (Ivory), sound designer Andrew Somers(uncredited) used a Theremin and a set of Obsidian Chimes. For the sound of the giant bong, (and the sound of Ivory appearing) they recorded inhaling through an actual bong.

Did you know

Dean Cain is a reference to Dean Cain the actor you played superman in the series. This is a subliminal message of getting high like superman.

Did you know

All scenes at “Harvard” were actually filmed at UCLA.
Two guys by the name of Silas and Jamal decided to one day smoke something magical, which eventually helps them to ace their college entrance exam.

Jesse Dylan


Method Man

Silas P. Silas


Jamal King

Obba Babatundé

Dean Carl Cain


Top 5 Something


Top 5 Something


Top 5 Something


Top 5 Something


LET'S PLAY A GAME, take a shot or smoke a joint (or BOTH) whenever:
– someone drinks or gets high (or smoke)
– the word “Harvard” “Dawg” or any name for weed is said
– Ivory is referenced or appears
– Silas and Jamal teach or use their street knowledge
– a song featuring Method or Red is played
– campus patrol appears
– Jamal day dreams
– Silas flirts with Lauren

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