I Am Here... Now

United States (2009), 🕒 87 min
David Lynch used this movie as inspiration for the new season of Twin Peaks. I want to watch this over and over until I die. Neil Breen is greater than god.

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Did you know

Characters are never really given an introduction (or any development) and they are never addressed by name. In fact, there’s several times where characters only refer to each other by their job title.

Did you know

When one twin sister loses her job, the other sister waits almost a full second before suggesting her sister turn to prostitution as the only hope for her.

Did you know

Jesus having very awkward sex with an escort is the only time the film decides to go indoors (yes, robot-alien Jesus has sex at one point and it’s never made clear why).
Disappointed by its creation, the almighty being that created Man arrives on Earth in a human form and interacts with various troubled, wicked and sinful people on his journey to Vegas.


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LET'S PLAY A GAME, take a shot or smoke a joint (or BOTH) whenever:
– Neil Breen throws shit
– Neil Breen is making women do stuff they seem uncomfortable with
– Breen is showing off for no reason
– Breen is reapeting lines for dramatic effect
– Breen is the best hacker or something

*there is:

– death
– nudity
– ripping off other films
– that low angle close up Breen always uses

*you see:

– the production crew
– a lap top on screen


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