The 40 Year Old Virgin

United States (2005), 🕒 116 min

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Did you know

According to Seth Rogen, Steve Carell was so nervous that the film would be shut down by the studio, he had the writers prepare a back-up version of the script that didn’t contain a single word of profanity.
This represents the first time Steve Carell has ever kissed anybody on-screen. :O

Did you know

The Indian doctor on the other end of the line when Andy is calling about his erection issue was voiced by Judd Apatow.
Steve Carell’s then eighty-year-old parents went to see the film, much to his embarrassment.

Did you know

he “beautiful old Guatemalan love song” sung by Javier to Paula translates to: “When I clean my room/I can’t find anything/Where are you going in such a hurry/To the soccer game.”

Did you know

The American Humane Association withheld its “no animals were harmed” disclaimer due to the fact that several tropical fish died accidentally during the making of the film.


Goaded by his buddies, a nerdy guy who’s never “done the deed” only finds the pressure mounting when he meets a single mother.


Judd Apatow


Steve Carell


Catherine Keener


Paul Rudd



Top 5 Something


Top 5 Something


Top 5 Something


Top 5 Something


One of my favourite movies, top 5.

Jennifer Lawrence

Oscar winning "Actress"

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LET'S PLAY A GAME, take a shot or smoke a joint (or BOTH) whenever:
– Andy says something nerdy/dorky
– Andy screams
– Andy doesn’t feel comfortable doing something
– Andy gets on a bicycle or mentions it
– Andy misses out on a chance to sex
– nipple (drink for each sighting)
– omeone says “gay”, “virgin”, “sex” aloud
– intercourse with an animal or object is mentioned
– someone vomits their daiquiri
– Andy breaks out into a singing and dancing montage


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