Vampire's Kiss

United States (1988), 🕒 104 min
You might think you know Nic Cage, but you haven’t really experienced the real Nicolas Cage until you’ve seen this movie. I’m speechless.

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Did you know

The ‘cockroach scene’ was entirely Nicolas Cage’s idea, a decision he greatly regretted later on. Cage also received a number of calls from animal rights activists about the scene and defended his actions by asking them if they could honestly declare that they’d never used a can of ‘Raid’ in their homes.

Did you know

In a 2018 GQ interview, Cage stated that this is the favorite movie he had made.

Did you know

A popular image macro meme was taken from a still frame from this movie, in the scene where Cage’s character is telling Alva that she is the lowest employee on the totem pole. Sorry to disappoint you, but despite being the source of the meme macro, Nicolas Cage doesn’t actually exclaim “YOU DON’T SAY!!!” in this film.
After an encounter with a neck-biter, a publishing executive thinks that he’s turning into a vampire.

Robert Bierman


Nicolas Cage

Peter Loew

Jennifer Beals


Maria Conchita Alonso

Alva Restrepo


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After me, Nic Cage is the best vampire actor ever.

Bela Lugosi


LET'S PLAY A GAME, take a shot or smoke a joint (or BOTH) whenever:
– you see a Cage-Out (Nic Cage has an overacting freakout in the middle of a scene) – Peter Loew (Nicolas Cage) recites the entirety of the alphabet, to the chagrin of his therapist

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