Yellow Submarine

United States, United Kingdom (1968 ), 🕒 85 min

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  • Koalometer 76,5% 76,5%
  • Easy to watch 93% 93%

Did you know

According to the book ‘The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made’ by Chris Gore, a sequel called ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ was being worked on at one point. It was to be first computer-generated film ever. 

Did you know

This is the fourth of five theatrical movies featuring The Beatles.

Did you know

Art director Heinz Edelmann hated Disney Studios, so he expressly designed most of the Blue Meanies with Mouseketeer hats.

The Beatles agree to accompany Captain Fred in his Yellow Submarine and go to Pepperland to free it from the music hating Blue Meanies.

Ringo Starr

George Harrison

Paul McCartney

John Lennon


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One of my favourite movies, top 5. Jennifer Lawrence

Oscar winning "Actress"

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LET'S PLAY A GAME, take a shot or smoke a joint (or BOTH) whenever:

– someone mentions “Blue Meanies”
– there is a musical sequence
– they count to 64
– there is an insider Beatles references
– you feel like you’re tripping, even if you aren’t literally tripping


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